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Your Local Expert for Water Heater Installation and Repair in South Florida

Serving residents across South Florida, L&G Plumbing can diagnose water heater issues and offer regular maintenance. We have a team of professionally trained plumbers who repair these units, recommend the necessary solutions, and install new water heaters to ensure your comfort at home. When it comes to water heater installation and repair in Boca Raton, FL, or a nearby area, make us your first choice.

Types of Water Heaters

Choosing a water heater for your home depends on your unique needs. At L&G Plumbing, we help you determine the type of water heater that best fits your home and your budget. Here are some water heaters options you can consider for your home:

  • Conventional water heaters are gas or electric-powered and rely on a big tank to heat and hold water inside. And the gas-powered ones offer faster heating while electric-powered is cheaper.
  • The air outside your home is used for the heat pump water heaters to warm water inside the storage tank. This implies it needs minimal electrical power to run the system. However, it works well in hot climates since it only functions with a certain minimum temperature.
  • If you live in an environment with adequate sunlight, you can install solar panels for solar water heaters. Although you can operate solar water heaters at lower costs, they are not ideal in areas with excessive cloud cover.
  • Only homes with natural gas heating can install condensing water heaters. Exhaust gas from your central heating unit helps power heating elements in a hot water storage tank, unlike in traditional water heaters where direct gas is used.

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Why We Always Recommend Professional Installation

We recommend that clients count on our team for professional water heater installation to access best practices for setting up water heaters, ensuring that it satisfies hot water needs for years to come.

Common Water Heater Issues and Their Causes

Our team is renowned for specializing in water heater repair in Boca Raton, FL, and nearby areas. Ask us for assistance when dealing with these concerns:

  • Leaking Water Heater

    Leaks are one of the common water heater issues that occur due to corrosion. You might need to replace your current water heater when corrosion damages and reduces its efficiency.
  • Noisy Water Heater

    The collection of mineral deposits and sediments at the bottom of your water heater tank can cause “pop” or “bang” sounds during heating. Investing in a water treatment system to filter out waste and mineral deposits will deal with a noisy water heater.
  • Sulfur-Like Smell

    Accumulation of bacteria in your hot water tank causes a stinky smell. Professional plumbing services can help you eliminate the sulfur-like smell by periodically flushing out your water heater.
  • Running Out Of Hot Water

    Several things could make your heater stop producing hot water. For instance, when gas is not flowing through your gas flow system. Most electric water heaters also have circuit breaker issues that prevent the unit from getting the power it needs to operate. An old electric water heater system may also need a major repair or water heater replacement sooner rather than later.

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