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In-Depth Sewer Camera Inspection in South Florida

When was the last time you had your sewer inspection? You don’t have to wait to experience issues with your drainage before calling for a thorough assessment. At L&G Plumbing, we offer in-depth sewer camera inspections in Boca Raton, FL

We perform the work as part of our trenchless repairs and cleaning solutions for those in South Florida. In many cases, we also provide free inspections for houses built before 1980, especially if they have cast iron pipes.

The Inspection Process

Whenever you call us for a sewer inspection, we always come ready to do the assessment and any other work that could arise. We begin with a grounds assessment to identify the location of the sewer line and any evident signs of trouble. We then use the main access point to insert the sewer camera and run it along the length of the pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection

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What We Look For

When we begin our inspection, our experts usually take in the details of the pipe’s condition. Since we get a live feed, we have experts who monitor every inch of the line and note down detailed information on the situation. We check for things such as:

  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Root invasion
  • Pipe bursts
  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Wear and tear
  • Clogs

Why Inspections Are Important

Sewer camera inspection services help us to see the situation underneath the surface. With our high-resolution cameras, our experts will catch early signs of trouble and inform you of the necessary steps that you need to take. This early intervention prevents sewer problems from developing and inconveniencing your stay.

For example, if we find extensive rust and corrosion due to age, our plumber in South Florida will likely recommend a trenchless pipe replacement to give you a like-new pipe without extensive digging. This prevents a total collapse of the line.

Our cameras also help us to locate clogs and determine the amount of pressure to use for effective cleaning. Given such details, we are sure to perform a thorough job and restore the optimal functionality of your sewer system.


Why Choose Us For Sewer Inspection Services

L&G Plumbing is here to address any sewer-related needs you have with sewer inspections and trenchless pipe lining services. When you hire our family-owned business, you can expect:

  • Warrantied services
  • Licensed technicians
  • Reasonable prices
  • Emergency services available

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